Thinking of trying to sell some things online?  You might just make more money faster by having  yard sales. I know. It sounds old fashioned. We are all so glued to the internet, but in these tough times, the human interaction can oftentimes be more profitable. And you don’t have to photograph it, ship it, and wonder if it will break or get rejected.

Selling on eBay, etsy, craig’s list or other sites was all the rage a few years back. And, of course, you can still sell items there……and be one of thousands competing for the same people for less and less money.  The thing about selling things at a yard sale is it is more impulsive, it is more personal, it is  IMMEDIATE.  And, funny thing, it is actually pretty cool to see how excited and happy people get when they discover and purchase your treasures.  It is an emotion and human connection that does not exist when you use online methods.

Maybe I am old fashioned. But I like to see the person who is taking home my things. I like to see that something is going to a good home.  Maybe it is a bit neurotic or maternal to feel this way about items, but maybe that is why I am such a freak for yard sales  and love going to them and having them.

I have friends who sell on eBay.  They can’t get the kind of money they used to for items as there is such a plethora of everything there. It makes everything feel like a commodity. It devalues the uniqueness of the items. I, in fact, have a young friend who has been an Ebay dealer and he now wants to start selling stuff at yard sales.  It’s almost like everything is coming full circle and yard sales, barn sales, tag sales are going to become hotter than online because it is so immediate, so personal and possibly more profitable.

So, you think having  yard sales is alot of work? I can help you make it fun. Get my book, Ava’s Guide to Garage Sale Gold, on my web site, or get it on Amazon kindle immediately and get great tips on how to maximize your sale.  I am not saying you should completely abandon selling online, but just try a real, live sale for yourself and see how it goes. You may never go back to selling online once you experience the rush of a great yard sale.