Brrrr! It’s getting chilly outside in some parts of the country. But, guess what? The fall is one of the absolute best times to have a yard sale. Yard sale season is in its height in October and November. Many folks are out looking for something to do besides picking apples. And what better way to shop guilt free than at a yard sale?   A Yard sale can take place in a yard, but can also include indoor areas such as barns, garages, etc.  So, while you might have some items outside, it certainly does not preclude you from having inside items as well.  In fact, the colder it gets, the less competition that you will have for your yard sale and therefore the more people might show up at yours.

This summer, there were weekends in my local paper that advertised 30 different yard sales on one day. That is competition! In the colder months, your yard sale may only be one of three 0r four advertised. Therefore, with less to pick from, chances are you could get MORE people on colder days than in warmer months, just due to the lack of competition.

Remember, a yard sale does not have to be in a yard any more than a garage sale has to be in a garage.  The term yard sale connotes a slightly higher level of merchandise than a garage sale so you may even be able to charge more for your items.

Please also remember that at, we always promote giving a percentage of your haul to your favorite charity. Or at least donating your left over items to a charity.  Times are tough and charities really need our help, so make that extra money and save alittle for the causes that pull at your heart strings.

Happy saling!