The Occupy Wall Street movement is sweeping the country. I say, Occupy Yard Sale! I would like to see people camping out to get their hands on the greatest deals at their neighborhood yard sale. I would like to see people having a yard sale and making some quick cash so that they can pocket some quick cash to help pay the bills.

Of course I am upset that large corporations don’t pay their fair share of taxes, but instead of camping out and getting arrested, I would rather fight back by selling great things to people at great discounts.

I went to a yard sale last weekend and got an outrageously great 10 speed bike in perfect condition for $10. Now that is something to camp out for. I also got at a Yard Sale a book that I had really wanted to read for a long time for $1.  I got lots of other items as well for fantastic prices. In fact, I have furnished all of my homes with yard sale goodies and no one would ever know!

It’s time for Occupy Yard Sale. So the big corporations got bailouts. Time to bail each other out and buy each other’s stuff.

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Haping saling!