Holidays are a great time to go shopping at yard sales.  As the retailers are screaming about their great discounts and web sites free shipping, yard sales sell items (often looking brand new) at steep, steep discounts.   Don’t be fooled by thinking there is just junk at yard sales or just antiques. More and more I find every day household items for kitchen, living room, bed room, even pet items.  Trust me, Fluffy would never care that her Christmas toy was once owned by another dog.  And gift items like jewelry are great finds at yard sales.  Buy jewelry as a gift, wrap it in pretty paper and who the heck would know where it came from? And don’t even get me started on Christmas decorations. I see tons of it at yard sells, all in perfect condition. I don’t know about you, but I like being in the holiday spirit, but when funds are low, it is hard to splurge on things like holiday decorations.  But, at yard sale prices, every house could glitter inside and out with a happy holiday glow.

How can you feel guilty buying a little something for yourself at a yard sale? At those prices, I say, treat yourself.  I work very hard and money is really tight now, but to get myself a wonderful treat for $2 or $3, I don’t beat myself up.  Holidays are a great time for yard sale shopping.  So take advantage of the ads you might find in your paper and online, and get out your bargaining Santa Cap and have some yard sale holiday cheer.

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Happy Saling!