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  • Money Apron


    Ava advises having a secure place to keep your money and quickly make change at your sales.

    • Her waist apron with long ties fits men and women.
    • It has 3 pockets and is made of a sturdy cotton twill/polyester blend.
    • Navy color with gold trim, it is a must for every garage sale.
  • Self Stick Labels


    Most labels Ava has found in stores are either too small, hard to read or do not have enough variety of printed prices, which is why she designed her own labels which she uses in her own sales.

    • Each pack of ¾” round labels contains 352 labels
    • 320 labels printed with various dollar values to place on your items
    • 32 blank labels for unusually priced items.
  • Hang tags

    • Perfect white hang tags (1″ X 1.5″) with enough room to write on
    • Simple to attach to your sale items
    • Come in packs of 25
  • Marker


    Ava’s specially printed signs have all the information on them you’ll need with the exception of the days and time of your sale.

    • Her special black magnum chisel water resistant permanent black markers are the perfect marker to use on her signs or on any others that you might need, either inside or out.
    • Never let the weather spoil your signs or your sale!