There is still time to organize your garage sale items for National Garage Sale Day, which falls on Saturday, August 13th.  Go through your house, room by room, and don’t forget the garage, barn, basement, office, attic, etc.  Selling your items at a garage sale is a great way to raise fast cash, get rid of your clutter, and feel a lightness and a sense of well being that you have accomplished one of those things that you have been putting off endlessly.

Recruit your family, invite friends over and sip wine as you go down memory lane. Don’t try to be a perfectionist, but do clean and tag all items for sale.  If you are too late for National Garage Sale Day, but still want to have a great sale in September, get my book Ava’s Guide to Garage Sale Gold either on my site or on Amazon kindle.  If you get the kindle and download it today, you will get hot tips that will help you pull that sale together quickly in time for next week!

If you are having a sale, whether it is on National Garage Sale Day or not, do consider donating a portion of your proceeds to charity. And by all means, donate your left over items to charity for a tax write-off as well.

Happy Selling!