As a yard sale and garage sale enthusiast, summer is officially in full swing and we are in full decorating season for fabulous flea market, yard sale, consignment shop and garage sale finds.

While  I am the furthest thing from a professional decorator, I do consider myself some who is frugal, with a good eye, and I like nice things. Since the downturn in the economy, I have had to severely curtail any spending on non necessary things, which would include home decor.  This has only fueled my passion for yard sale, consignment shop, flea market and garage sale finds.

Many times guests are shocked and surprised at how I have been able to cobble together pleasing displays both inside and out with items that have been free roadside finds, inexpensive yard sale purchases or worn out things headed for the dumpster that have been repurposed for other things.

I am going to write a series of articles on decorating featuring photos of some of my favorite recycled finds.

Today I am posting some photos of some of my favorite outdoor items. I am hoping that it will bring you some ideas and inspiration. Happy Saling!

A broken watering can, that has been repainted and used as a planter, found in a free pile at a garage sale.

A lovely, small white table (originally green and spray painted white), with a reproduction egg carrying bin on top (both garage sale finds).

A pergola that is now hanging with curtains that were on a friend’s  outdoor gazebo that was damaged in a storm and they were going to throw out the curtains.

An elegant iron chair found free on the road (it was white and was spray painted black, a cushion was added)

One of my very favorites is this old grill stand, which was spray painted black and turned into an elegant planter.

An antique wheel barrow, found rotted and rebuilt, used as garden decor and planter.

3 different groupings of reproduction cast iron cafe chairs. All bought at consignment shops.