Hello, fellow garage salers and resellers everywhere. I am sure that you have watched in horror and dismay at the tomfoolery in Washington, D.C. and the inability for lawmakers to resolve our impending debt crisis.

The “fiscal cliff” bill that was approved in the Senate, then went to the house, was lauded in the media as a salvation in which 98% of Americans will escape a tax hike. Not only is this a fantasy, but the worst is yet to come.

The reality is that over 77% of Americans will receive less money in their paychecks starting this week, as the payroll tax increased and everyone who receives a paycheck will feel this in their pockets right away. Also, the hardest of the negotiating is to happen in the next two months as the arrogant, incompetent and inept 112th Congress (the most undproductive in history) starts to hash out the really difficult cuts in spending that will likely need to occur in order to attempt to start to bring our debt under control.

How will all of this affect the the world of garage sales, yard sales, flea markets and consignment shops? Well. I feel that more and more people will need to cut back and find a way to bring in extra money to their households. I feel (and perhaps I am biased) that more people will look to sell things in their homes and will find a way to get by with less things.  I also feel that there will be alot more people moving (perhaps into smaller places or less expensive areas). Garage sales and yard sales can be highly profitable if done well. Many people that have tried their hand at garage sales have failed because they didn’t know how to do it right and they just gave up.

I have developed a complete system for garage sales, moving sales, yard sales, estate sales, tag sales, whatever the sales are that you would name it. I have written a book, created an organizer, manufactured signs, money aprons, tags, everything you could possibly need. I’ve written tons of helpful, free tips on my blog here at www.garagesalegold.com

I can teach anyone how to decide what to bring to consignment, what to bring to auction, what to donate, and what to sell in your garage sales. Not only can the person having the garage sales benefit, but so can all the shoppers by enabling them to purchase items far below retail. And let’s not forget how green and environmentally correct it is to recycle unwanted items so that they do not turn up in land fills.

Lastly, since most charities will really lose out as folks will not be able to afford contributions, I always advocate donating a percentage of your proceeds to a favorite charity. So, it is win, win, win for garage sales.

My prediction is that the fiscal cliff economy will create a new wave of garage sales, in every state and town, and that they will become even more commonplace than they are now. And hopefully some people will take advantage of all of the tools that I have created to help them in their efforts. Products, advice and more are all available at garagesalegold.com

We will all get through this together! Happy 2013 and let’s get planning those garage sales NOW!!!! I know I am.