My favorite garage sales are those which involve multiple groups of folks who all band together and donate a portion of the proceeds to either a charity, community group, cause or any other type of group effort to raise money. It is a win win for all. Get rid of unwated stuff, recycle, make some money for yourself and donate to whatever the cause – be it raising money to send your kids on a sports outing, helping beautify a neighborhood, raise money for the needy, a church, whatever. It does not matter. What matters is that the community spirit of garage sales are what makes this country great and what helps  inspire the comraderie that keeps our fires burning.

Garage sales for groups are growing in popularity as the economy continues its lackluster performance and people all over are desperately needing funds. So don’t forget the community garage sale concept when you are thinking of fundraising ideas.  Get tons of helpful tips on my website

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I was at a great community garage sale this past weekend and took some photos  to share to inspire you.  My favorite is the girl scouts. God Bless America! Happy saling!