As a yard sale enthusiast, and as someone who has scraped together extra money from yard sales, garage sales, flea markets and consignment shops to pay for necessities, I am outraged at the pending U.S. Supreme Court case which could ban reselling both in person and on websites.

So, Church bazaars, nonprofits who raise funds through flea markets for great causes, families down on their luck due to incompetence in the goverment may now be banned by the same government for trying to help themselves any way they can to make some extra money in these terrible times of high unemployment and lack of good jobs!

And what on earth will become of landfills? Garage sales and other forms of re-selling is not just great financially, but it is going green by not throwing away useful items as junk.

And what are Americans to do if this ruling goes through? Set up trading posts and barter facilities like in the 1600s?  The U.S. Government has already decimated our economy, and now they want to completely destroy the last shreds of hope for thousands and thousands of businesses and consumers?

This is beyond an outrage!!!! They really do seem to want to stifle the American spirit and create a country of dependents.

This goes way beyond garage sales. This threatens our very freedom.

I wrote a garage sale book. If other people sell it after they buy it from me, that is fine with me. That is the American way. Let them sell my book at their garage sale, on eBay, Amazon, wherever they like.

I have spent the past couple of years trying to empower people to fight the system and make money selling their things so people have options besides shopping retail and it’s win win for all.  And so many have been helped by having garage sales: the people having the sale, the shoppers, the charities that have been contributed to.

It is not just eBay and Craig’s list and Amazon that will be affected by this ruling, it is hundreds of thousands of families accross America. DON’T DO THIS TO THEM, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!