I never considered myself particularly creative. But when I started becoming a garage sale fanatic, I discovered that I did have talents to take items and reuse them in creative and artistic ways. I am no Martha Stewart, but I am a frugalista, looking to stretch every dollar and beautify my life in high garage sale style.

One achievement that I discovered quite by accent resulted in a wonderful enjoyment of one of my most favorite flowers – peonies. I have a wonderful garden of peonies and like to clip the fresh flowers and bring inside in vases.  However, I noticed that the peonies seem to last only a day or two before they start to droop.

One day I took a nice grouping of peonies and cut the stems short. I then took a basket that I got at a garage sale for 25 cents and took a recycled typperware container and filled it with water and placed the container inside the basket. I then stuck the peonies in there. Well, those peonies are still surviving almost two weeks later! I have to say that these simple garage sale pleasures really do make my day!

Below is a photo of my master achievement.  Happy Saling!