27 Apr 12

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In honor of my first year anniversary of starting GarageSaleGold.com, a site devoted to all things garage sale, I am offering an insider discount on all of my garage sale products if you like me on Facebook. Just go to garagesalegold.com and click on the facebook like and you will be able to use a discount code which applies to all of my products.

I started with my book, Ava’s Guide to Garage Sale Gold, and then created an organizer, money aprons, signs, tags, everything you need in one place to have the best garage sale ever!

I used to run from Home Depot to Staples to Michael’s and on and on to find stuff for a garage sale and often came up empty handed. I have created everything in one place to showcase your goodies.

Garage sale season is just starting to be in full bloom, so take advantage of this great offer while I am still able to extend the discount.

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Happy saling!

27 Apr 12

Top 5 Tips for Garage Sale Success

Garage sale season is in full bloom! Time to get out there and have your garage sale yourself or with friends and family. Having a garage sale can be hugely profitable or a big bust. These five sure fire tips are my golden keys to success and have been tried, try and tested by all who have read my book and followed my advice. So, here we go

1. Have clear, simple signs. Best are double sided with posts that go into the ground. State time, day with a huge arrow. No other info is needed.

2. ADVERTISE! Your signs alone will not draw a crowd. Advertise in your local paper, pennysaver and online at Patch.com, YardSaleSearch.com, GarageSalesTracker.com and GarageSaleHunter.com.  Many more folks will arrive from the ads than from the sign. If you cheap out and don’t advertise, you will surely not make as much money.

3. Having a garage sale is like dieting. You have to write everything down. That means organize what you are going to sell and write down everything you sold at your sale.

4. Everything must be tagged at a garage sale. Period. End of discussion. You should be a cashier at your sale, not a price inventor. Also more thefts occur when things are not tagged as you are focusing on the wrong things.

5. Feel empowered to say no to a bad offer. No is an important word at sales. If you take every offer, you will make less money. And many people will still buy the item for a higher price.

My goal is to help people make more money at their sale. These tips will help you achieve garage sale gold. You can find more tips on garagesalegold.co. Follow me on twitter @garagesaleava for even more tips.

Happy saling!