You might say that it is too early for a garage sale. I say now is the time to start gathering up your items, sorting through your stuff and pricing and tagging, so that you will be ready for your garage sale in April or May.  Part of the fun in a garage sale is the wonderful feeling of getting rid of clutter, downsizing,  discarding the things that weigh us down.  Did you know that we can be more happy and care free the less we own? A garage sale is a perfect energy booster in the winter months to pep us up by paring down and organizing the things that we will soon be getting rid of.  Just think of all the space you will have after your garage sale and think of all the money you will make from your garage sale to pay down credit cards, get that new counter top from Home Depot, retar that driveway or pay for that cheerleading trip to see your daughter compete.

Having a great garage sale requires some prep time, but you can make it fun and go at your own pace. You don’t have to be selling your home or moving in order to have a garage sale, you can just decide that it’s time to unload all that stuff that is weighing you down.  And I promise that it is a huge pick me up and spiritual booster to be able to gather things up to sell, donate, consign or auction.

So, if you start to feel Winter blues, spend an hour or two starting to plan for your Spring garage sale. Once you get into the spirit of it, you will be happy you did. For tips on sorting, pricing, merchandising and marketing your garage sale, pick up my book Ava’s Guide to Garage Sale Gold at my site or at on the kindle.

Happy saling!