16 Jul 11

National Garage Sale Day is Coming August 13th

It’s not too late to get yourself prepared to have that great garage sale that you have been dreaming, wishing and pining for. I know. You think it’s a lot of work. You think you can’t do it. You think that you won’t make much money for the effort. Guess what? I think you are wrong to think this way. I can teach you how to make the most money for your stuff in time for National Garage Sale Day. Just go to my website  www.garagesalegold.com and you will find everything that you will need for a smash hit garage sale. My book,  organizer, signs, money apron, labels. One stop shopping for a jaw dropping, traffic stopping, walloping garage sale to end all garage sales. You know you want the extra money. You know you want to get rid of that clutter. So, get off your butt and finally do it! What are you waiting for?

Here’s another idea for all of you doing a sale on National Garage Sale Day. I would urge you to consider donating a portion of your haul to charity. Whether you donate goods (a great tax deduction) or cold, hard cash. Charities are strapped in this terrible economy and need help. If everyone having a garage sale on this day  donated just a small portion of their proceeds as well as left over unwanted clothing, household items, furniture, whatever to their favorite causes, think how much better the world would be. Your pockets would be full. Your basement would be emptied. Some charities will be able to do some good. That is a win, win for all in my book. Speaking of books, my book is called “Ava’s Guide to Garage Sale Gold”.  You can get it on my web site or also on Amazon kindle.  It’s based on two decades of having garage sales and learning all the tricks.

Happy garage saling!

8 Jul 11

National Garage Sale Day

I bet you didn’t know that there was a National Garage Sale Day. I wanted to invent it, but then I found out that someone else had already created it many years back, but no one seems to know about it. Well, it is coming soon. The date is Saturday, August 13th. National Garage Sale Day. And I am going to make it my mission to let everyone in America know the importance of this day. I would like everyone in every block in every town having garage sales. And I would like everyone who has a garage sale to donate 10% of their earnings to their favorite charity.  Whether your heart lies in helping animals, children, the oppressed, veterans, drug addicts, it doesn’t matter.  Garage sales can help the economy in so many ways and we can give back to the less fortunate who have lost significant funding due to the bad economy.

National Garage Sale day is a time for everyone to clean up. Clean up financially by making some cash. Clean up your home by eliminating clutter and needless items. Clean up the environment by recycling items that would otherwise wind up in landfills. Clean up the guilt that you have had by not donating to charities that desperately need help.

Just think of it this way. If ten million people have a garage sale on National Garage Sale Day and each person makes $500 and donates $50 of that to charities, that’s a ton of money. Now, I was not a math major, but the power of people that get together to do some good for themselves and for their communities is immense.  If you don’t know how to have a garage sale, I can teach you. Go to www.garagesalegold.com and get my book “Ava’s Guide to Garage Sale Gold.” It will teach you everything you need to know about sourcing, pricing, marketing and promoting your sale to attract the best crowds with the most money to spend.

Let’s work together to make National Garage Sale Day more than just about making money. Let’s make a difference!